We’ve noticed an upward trend in family offices seeking exposure to digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other infrastructure-related blockchain assets. 

Currently, many family offices are looking to acquire a small stake in digital assets, but that trend is expected to change as blockchain technologies see more adoption by big businesses such as banks and retailers.

According to a BYN Mellon study, “family offices are keenly attuned to cryptocurrencies” with “72% of those actively investing in cryptocurrencies say they plan to increase their exposure” and a majority of them stating that “cryptocurrencies provide good investment opportunities.”

Furthermore, a recent digital assets study by Fidelity’s found that, “While digital assets ownership is higher among respondents in Asia (69%) than in Europe (67%) or the U.S. (42%), Europe saw an 11-point increase in ownership, while the U.S. saw a nine-point increase in ownership, since 2021.” Fidelity continued, stating that, “Globally, future preference to buy remained consistent year-over-year for financial advisors, family offices, pensions, crypto hedge funds and venture capital funds, and endowments and foundations.”

Akin to the early internet era investing days, family offices appear to have a long-term strategy for their portfolios in blockchain digital assets.  

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