Digital Asset Fund

The Kingsly Digital Asset Fund invests in early-stage companies pioneering innovative blockchain applications to advance new technologies in AI, healthcare, finance, real estate, gaming, cloud computing, telecom, and more.

Our Edge

We believe our vast experience in the blockchain industry and relationships with the founders and companies building in the space give us a unique advantage to discover investment opportunities with significant potential.

The Fund Investment Strategy

Blockchain technologies are beginning to transform vast segments of the legacy financial system. We believe there is opportunity to generate return by investing in the businesses, applications, tools and platforms that are leading this paradigm shift.

A Thesis-Driven Fund

The fund investment thesis is based upon key medium and long-term narratives within the blockchain and digital asset ecosystems, such as the increasing demand for blockchains and interoperability.

Yield-Bearing Strategies

By deploying assets into yield-bearing strategies, the fund aims to create a portfolio of income-generating assets with the goal of generating additional upside and lowering the cost basis of the portfolio.

Fund Performance


Q1 2024 RETURN†



† Subject to change based on annual audit. 

Fund Details

Minimum Investment $250,000 USD
Subscriptions Monthly
Redemptions Monthly
NAV Monthly
Lock-up Twelve (12) months
Management Fee 2%
Performance Fee 20%, high-water mark

Service Providers

Attorney Greenberg Traurig
Administrator Theorem Fund Services
Audit and Tax Berkower

Additional Details

Asset Class Cryptocurrency, Digital Assets, DeFi
Investor Qualifications Open to Accredited Investors as defined in Regulation D of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933
Offer summary Ownership units offered under Regulation D / 506 (c)
Taxation The fund intends to be treated as a pass-through partnership for tax purposes. K1s are prepared for investors.

Invest in the Kingsly Digital Asset Fund


A crypto fund for investors seeking diversified exposure to blockchain platforms, decentralized finance (DeFi) and yield-bearing strategies. The fund is currently limited to accredited investors, institutions, family offices and registered investment advisors (RIA).