Digital Asset Investment Products for Financial Advisors

Kingsly Capital provides digital asset and cryptocurrency investment products for financial advisors, enabling them to allocate client capital to a broad selection of digital assets and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology. Financial advisors can easily create customized portfolios based upon each client’s risk tolerance and goals using Kingsly’s separately managed accounts or pooled investments.

Digital asset and cryptocurrency investment products provide financial advisors with a number of potential benefits including diversification for client portfolios and as a new line of business for client acquisition.

For Clients Seeking Long-Term Growth and Portfolio Diversification

Blockchain technology and digital assets have the potential to be a source of long-term growth that is uncorrelated to broad benchmarks. We believe financial advisors should have a way to provide investors with professionally managed exposure to this new asset class.

How To Utilize Digital Assets Within A Client’s Portfolio

Portfolio Diversification

Suited for investors, such as individuals, family offices and institutions, that like to diversify their existing portfolio with strategies that offer low correlation to other core asset classes.

Source For Growth

Suited for investors who seek long-term growth by accessing digital assets that represent the most promising blockchain protocols, companies, and platforms.

Long-Term Risk-Reward

Suited for investors that have a moderate-to-high risk profile and intend to stay invested for the medium-to-long term

Digital Assets Investments for Financial Advisors

Kingsly Capital manages and sub-advises long-only digital asset portfolios across a variety of investment vehicles. Kingsly’s products include a suite of separately managed accounts and funds focused solely on blockchain and digital assets.

Managed Accounts

Clients can invest in actively or passively managed portfolios of cryptocurrencies and digital assets directly from their brokerage account, IRA, bank or digital wallet. Offer clients exposure to digital assets with the flexibility of a managed account, the experience of professional managers, and the security of a regulated custodian.

Private Fund

For investors that want institutional fund management encompassing the full spectrum of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi), including the potential speculative and yield-bearing opportunities.

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Trends and Opportunities for Financial Advisors in Digital Assets

The majority of investors want exposure to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Advisors need to understand where the opportunites exist and what clients would like to see in their portfolios.

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